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Regular dental check-ups for children are crucial in tracking their oral health progress and play a significant role in preventing dental problems in the future.
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Extra Gentle Care For Their Gums And Teeth

Similar to adults, it’s vital for children to make regular visits to their dentist. Routine dental cleanings and examinations are key in preserving their oral health and promoting proper growth. These sessions effectively eliminate plaque, tartar, and bacteria that can cause tooth decay, gum disease, chronic bad breath, and issues with the growth of their permanent teeth. Dental hygienists who are experienced in working with children are adept at cleaning spots that are often overlooked during daily brushing and flossing at home.

Right after a thorough cleaning is an optimal time for the dental team to perform a detailed evaluation of the child’s oral health. This evaluation includes checking for any concerns, monitoring the loss of baby teeth and the alignment of incoming permanent teeth. Parents are then provided with tailored advice and home-care strategies to cater to their child’s specific dental needs.

Regular dental cleanings and check-ups for children are crucial for several reasons:

  1. To ensure the health and robustness of both their primary and emerging permanent teeth.
  2. To prevent gum disease and uphold overall oral hygiene.
  3. To monitor developmental milestones and changes.
  4. To establish a positive relationship with dental professionals.
  5. To motivate children to actively participate in their dental care at home.
  6. To foster lifelong good dental practices.

What Happens During Children’s Teeth Cleaning?

Before the check-up, we will review your child’s dental history and records to pinpoint any areas of concern or troubling patterns. Based on their individual needs, we may suggest particular X-rays, talk about fluoride treatments, or think about applying sealants to their developing permanent teeth. Our interaction with your child will be friendly and welcoming, making sure they are comfortable. We’ll talk to them about how they feel regarding their dental health, encouraging them to ask questions or express any thoughts they may have.

Gum health

Often, the significance of healthy gums, which are essential for supporting your child’s teeth and forming their smile, is underestimated. It’s crucial to keep gums healthy, particularly as permanent teeth start to appear. Children, just like adults, can be susceptible to inflammatory gum diseases. In our examination, we will focus carefully on the soft tissues in their mouth. We will also provide advice appropriate for their age on flossing and caring for their gums, which they can practice at home.

Plaque & tartar removal

Plaque, a soft and sticky film, starts accumulating on teeth as soon as they appear. If it’s not removed on a regular basis, it can turn into tartar. Both plaque and tartar lead to tooth decay and are especially tough to get rid of from between teeth and near the gums. Our hygienist has the right tools and skills to carefully remove persistent plaque and tartar from these hard-to-reach areas. After this cleaning, we may recommend a fluoride treatment to strengthen the enamel of your child’s teeth.

Watching for milestones

The dentist will examine your child’s dental records, including recent X-rays, to pinpoint and concentrate on any problem areas, emerging issues, or trends that require attention. Typically, children begin to develop their first set of teeth between 6 months and 6 years old. Over time, they shed their baby teeth, and their permanent adult teeth emerge, a process that extends into their teenage years and occasionally later for wisdom teeth. Every child’s dental development is distinct. The dentist will monitor their progress, addressing any observed concerns or developmental delays.

Cost of a routine pediatric teeth cleaning and exam in Toronto

Just like with adult teeth cleanings and exams, routine checkups for kids are such a great way to prevent and avoid dental problems that most insurance companies will nearly completely cover them on a routine basis. With typical insurance, you might expect to pay as low as $0 to $50 (or more). Insurance companies typically provide coverage every 6 months except in special circumstances. If you are without dental insurance, you can expect to pay anywhere from $120 to $300 and up, especially for their first appointment or for the first appointment in a long time.

    When we determine the actual cost of their treatment we refer to a few important factors:
  • Their current oral health.
  • New Xrays that might be required.
  • Fluoride treatment or sealants for new adult teeth.
  • The amount of time required by the dental team to meet their specific needs.
  • The equipment and supplies that will be needed to serve all their needs.

Remember, no dentist can give you an exact quote over the phone. If you would like more personalized information or an itemized quote, we would be happy to provide you with one upon request. We can’t state enough how important it is to provide children with routine pediatric dental care. Monitoring all of the changes happening to their mouths as they grow and develop is the most effective way to prevent costly and painful complications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Similar to adults, it’s usually advised that children visit every six months for teeth cleaning and a check-up, unless the dentist suggests a different schedule. Some individuals may need to come in as frequently as every three months. However, we highly recommend not waiting longer than a year between visits.

Young children often lack a point of reference for determining an acceptable level of discomfort, and some may try to endure without voicing their pain. You might notice signs of dental discomfort or pain in your child through behaviours such as frequently touching or holding their face and teeth, showing fear or reluctance to let others near their face and teeth, or exhibiting swelling, redness, or discolouration in the gums, cheeks, and teeth. Some children may even run a fever with a toothache. They might avoid hot or cold foods and drinks, or steer clear of chewy or hard foods like raw vegetables and large pieces of meat. Another indicator is if they chew only on one side of their mouth. Additionally, children who are experiencing dental pain often become irritable and unhappy.

Don’t wait. If you have any concerns about your child’s teeth or oral health it’s best to come in right away so we can address any issues while they’re still minor.

The duration of most dental appointments ranges from thirty minutes to an hour. However, the time may extend for children who have numerous questions or for those who are anxious and require extra reassurance and patient, gentle handling.

– Start cleaning your child’s teeth as soon as they come in. Use approved, child friendly and age-appropriate toothpaste and brushes.

– Teach your child about their mouths and how to take care of them. Get them in the habit of brushing their own teeth twice a day.

– Children benefit greatly from fluoride treatments. You can request fluoride treatment at the dentist and use fluorinated products and drinking water at home.

– Sugary or acidic foods and drinks like juice and pop promote tooth decay and should be enjoyed in moderation.

– Especially avoid sweet treats and snacks before bed.

– Be a good example, brush your own teeth twice a day and floss!

It’s important for your child to wait at least 30 minutes after receiving a fluoride treatment before they eat or drink. This waiting period allows the treatment sufficient time to be effective, ensuring it isn’t prematurely removed by food or beverages

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