Family Dentistry

As an established practice serving the community for over 30 years, Dr. Singh’s dental office sees multi-generational families of all ages. Many of our patients bring their young children to our office while they get their dental work completed. Our staff is friendly, easy to relate to and very approachable.

Root Canals:
Do you have a tooth ache, abscess or infection? You may need a root canal. We offer full root canal services. With proper treatment management, root canal procedures do not have to be painful. And most root canals can be done in a single appointment.
Anxious? Ask about our nitrous gas procedures to make your appointments less anxious.

Fractured Teeth:
We all know someone that has broken a tooth in a hockey game, or worse, damaged or lost teeth in a motor vehicle accident. Many times they need to be repaired with simple bonding procedures like white composite fillings or crowns and veneers.
But sometimes, the tooth turns a dark colour. It may be associated with pain. Sometimes the tooth may require a root canal treatment. It may also mean that the affected tooth may need to be custom bleached to better match the other teeth. All these services are provided in our office.

Receding Gums & Sensitive Teeth:
We all know it when we see someone with receding gums. The teeth have yellow root surfaces that show when they smile. The gum appears as if it has been pulled back. Gingivitis, periodontal bone loss, grinding, acid erosion and even overzealous toothbrushing can contribute to this appearance.
In the the picture above, this patient had 4 front veneers placed on their teeth a decade ago but it now showing root surfaces below them. In this case, the veneers were removed and redone to the new tooth lengths. In other cases, bonding white composite filling material can be used to protect and cosmetically enhance the teeth.
>Do you have sensitive teeth? A lot of times it comes from receded root surfaces. Many times, a regimen of over the counter desensitizing toothpastes can work. In other cases, our office can provide professional desensitizing varnishes that help cover the root surfaces. This allows you to once again enjoy cold foods and drinks you may have avoided for many years.

Periodontal Disease:
Do you have spaces between your teeth? Are your gums recedding? Do your teeth appear to be moving, are loose or do you get infections and gum boils around the gums. You may have periodontal disease. Simply, it means you are may be losing bone that normally holds the teeth.
It can be due to poor oral hygiene, hereditary issues or medical conditions. At Dr Singh’s office, each new patient has a gum exam completed to assess whether you may have gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and/or periodontal disease. Only your oral health specialists can diagnose this condition. If periodontal conditions are left untreated, it can result in pain and eventual tooth loss.

Your teeth are for life. With so many dental public health advances — fluoridation, types of brushes, and dental research — there is no reason to lose a tooth to decay or dental disease. FACT: Dental disease like cavities and bone loss around teeth is preventable and manageable.

Dentistry Our multidisciplinary team of oral health providers will fully explain the risks, benefits, treatment outcomes, concerns and questions of each treatment options. Prevention is the vanguard of our services. We know that you, as a patient, want what is best for you.
By spending time to address and consult your priorities, we can together make you love your smile again. Remember, healthy teeth are part of a healthy body. Our goal is to facilitate that outcome.

Prevention is the key to having a healthy smile for life. You are what you eat. Your health diet should include foods that promote oral health. You may be surprised to hear what foods are healthy for gums and teeth.

The saying goes: “The tooth bone is connected to the jaw bone…and the jaw bone is connected to the head bone…”. What does it mean? Your teeth are part of your overall healthy.
Dental disease has proven to promote low birth weight babies and increase premature birth incidents. Want a healthy heart? Brush your teeth and floss daily to prevent oral bacteria from entering your bloodstream. Once there, it has been proven to colonize on heart valves and may increase you chance for cardiovascular events like heart attacks.
Today, we understand oral health is so much more part of overall body health more than we ever understood before. Keep healthy… see Dr. Singh and his caring staff to improve your overall health today.

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