Cosmetic Dentistry

Want to whiten and brighten your smile? Use our professional whitening system. Custom whitening trays made right in our office. In office “Power Bleach” sessions can help get that white smile quick and easy in the comfort of the chair while you watch a movie in the office!

Whiten your teeth in a single appointment. Or use our kit over several weeks to see the change you have wanted for years.

Custom Shade Matching:

When you want to whiten, reshape or cosmetically enhance your teeth, you need to have an experienced team that can provide the smile you want.

For all crowns, bridges, implants and dentures, teeth are first manually shaded in-office to match your neighbouring teeth.

Upon getting your new teeth, we provide a custom in-office shade of your new teeth with our ceramacist. What does that mean for you? It means no trips to the lab to get your teeth custom coloured. On the day of receiving your new smile, the ceramacist visits our office and custom shades them in front of your eyes! When you are pleased with the result, the dental prostheses are baked in a very hot oven to make your shade permanent! No need to visit the lab across town anymore!

Receding Gums & Sensitive Teeth:

We all know it when we see someone with receding gums. The teeth have yellow root surfaces that show when they smile. The gum appears as if it has been pulled back. Gingivitis, periodontal bone loss, grinding, acid erosion and even overzealous toothbrushing can contribute to this appearance.

In the the picture above, this patient had 4 front veneers placed on their teeth a decade ago but it now showing root surfaces below them. In this case, the veneers were removed and redone to the new tooth lengths. In other cases, bonding white composite filling material can be used to protect and cosmetically enhance the teeth.

Do you have sensitive teeth? A lot of times it comes from receded root surfaces. Many times, a regimen of over the counter desensitizing toothpastes can work. In other cases, our office can provide professional desensitizing varnishes that help cover the root surfaces. This allows you to once again enjoy cold foods and drinks you may have avoided for many years.

Do you have unsightly spaces between your teeth? You may have periodontal disease — loss of bone around the teeth. This can cause teeth to drift apart or splay.

Once the bone loss is controlled, you can have the teeth bonded to or capped (crowns or veneers) to make those spaces disappear.

Chipped tooth fixed without any freezing!!

Simple bonding of white filling material was used to fix that fracture in less than 1/2 hour.

(*photo after procedure)

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