Smile Dentistry’s Dental Services

Various Professional Dental Services

Family Dentistry

As an established practice serving the community for over 30 years, Dr. Singh’s dental office sees multi-generational families of all ages. Many of our patients bring their young children to our office while they get their dental work completed. Our staff is friendly, easy to relate to and very approachable.

Dentistry For Children

A significant number of our patients are children. Dr. Singh recommends you bring your children to office for a check-up by the age of 18 months. By then, many of your children’s baby teeth have already come in. Once in, they are prone to decay and disease.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Want to whiten and brighten your smile? Use our professional whitening system. Custom whitening trays made right in our office. In office “Power Bleach” sessions can help get that white smile quick and easy in comfort while you watch a movie in the office!


Simple bonding procedures can take one appointment with no freezing required.

Crowns and Bridges

Replace old metal based crowns with new, strong porcelain caps. All are custom shaded in the office by our technicians. No trips to the lab needed!! And you are part of the process…you decide if you like the shape, colour and contour while in the chair. Want to make them whiter? No problem. We can do it right on the spot!


Implant is inserted and begins to integrate into your bone, becoming a new tooth!

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